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  • Heartworm Disease Prevention
    Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease With Tips From Our Burke Animal Clinic Heartworm disease is a life-threatening parasitic infection most known for affecting dogs. It can also affect Read more
  • Stem Cell Therapy
    Stem Cell Therapy for Pets – And Its Benefits Stem cell therapy for pets is a less invasive treatment option for eliminating pain and mobility issues caused by osteoarthritis and soft Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
    Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks at Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA Parasite prevention for your pets can be what saves them and your environment from harmful pests. Read more
  • Pet Limping
    Is Your Pet Limping? Don't Wait To Get a Diagnosis Pets are members of the family, so when they are in pain, we suffer right along with them. If your pet Read more
  • Parasite Control
    Parasite Control: What You Need to Know With warm weather comes the mosquitoes that spread heartworm disease to dogs and cats. It also opens the doors for social time that enables the passage Read more
  • Preventing Cat & Dog Heat Stroke
      Our Burke Veterinarian Shares Tips on Preventing Cat & Dog Heat Stroke At Burke Animal Clinic, our veterinarian and team takes great pride in providing the health and wellness Read more
  • Preparing for Your First Pet Friendly Road Trip
    Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA Shares Tips on How To Plan a Road Trip With Your Pet If you're planning a family vacation and you can't bear to leave your Read more
  • Are Your Pet's Vaccinations Up To Date?
    Burke Animal Clinic Discusses Keeping Pet Vaccinations Up to Date When you vaccinate your pet against common animal diseases, you not only protect your individual pet. You also help to reduce Read more
  • Senior Pet Care Tips
    Understanding the Care Requirements for Senior Pets As pets become seniors, their care requirements increase to keep age-related diseases and injuries from occurring. Senior pets need to be supported by their Read more
  • Preventative Care For Your Pets
    Preventative Care At Burke Animal Clinic Can Help Your Pet Stay Healthy Pet owners often ask why veterinarians recommend regular wellness visits when their pet doesn’t appear to be sick or Read more
  • Emergency Veterinary Care
    Emergency Veterinary Care We at Burke Animal Clinic know how scary it is for pet owners when a pet gets sick or injured. We are here for you and will do Read more
  • Tick and Lyme Disease Advice from Burke Animal Clinic
    Your Burke Vet Advises Pet Owners about Lyme Disease in Dogs Lyme disease is an infectious, tick-borne disease first recognized in dogs in 1985. It is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type Read more
  • Noninvasive CCL Injury Treatment
    Burke Veterinarian Provides Noninvasive Pet CCL Injury Treatment The most common reason for hind limb lameness in dogs is partial or complete rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). Essential for Read more
  • Dental Care and Treatment From Our Burke Veterinarian
    Dental Care and Treatment From Our Burke Veterinarian At Burke Animal Clinic, we're proud to offer dental care and treatment as one of our many services. If it's been more than Read more
  • Heartworm Awareness for Pet Owners
    How Do Pets Get Heartworm? Heartworm is an internal parasite that is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. The mosquito will feed on the blood of an injected animal, picking Read more
  • Allergies Are Common in Pets
    Allergies Are Common in Pets Like people, pets have immune systems that can be triggered by substances in the environment causing an allergic reaction. And, if you live in Virginia, you Read more