Allergies Are Common in Pets

Like people, pets have immune systems that can be triggered by substances in the environment causing an allergic reaction. And, if you live in Virginia, you are no stranger to allergies!  Pet owners may see their dog sneezing, scratching, itching its ears, chewing at paws, have runny eyes and may be troubled with frequent ear infections. Vomiting or diarrhea can also occur. Owners may also see their cat sneezing, rubbing its eyes or ears, or licking their paws repeatedly or may hear the cat wheezing noisily. Our veterinarians at Burke Animal Clinic can help you find the cause of the allergy.

Common Allergens For Cats and Dogs

A wide variety of substances can cause allergic reactions in pets. Grass and tree pollens can be very irritating for some animals. Mold spores that are carried through the air can also cause problems. Dander from other animals can cause reactions, and commonly used cleaning products can be irritating. Some animals are highly allergic to the bites of fleas. Others are allergic to the flea prevention products themselves. In some cases, the reaction may occur because of a prescription medication the animal is taking. Ingredients in pet foods can also cause allergic reactions, so you should carefully read the labels before giving your pet any new food.

Managing Pet Allergies

Besides avoiding the offending allergen as much as possible, our veterinarians can provide antihistamine medications that can help with some symptoms. If a food allergy is suspected, you may have to put your pet on a limited ingredient diet that uses a novel protein.  And, sometimes, trying different diets may be needed until the right one is found.

Diagnosing and managing pet allergies is a journey for pet owners and their pets and we’ll be right there along with you.  There are diagnostics we can do to try to pinpoint the allergen.  In the meantime, we can prescribe treatments that will relieve the symptoms until we can figure out the cause.  And, in some cases, the exact cause cannot be identified, but we can give your pet relief by coming up with a treatment plan involving some precautions and medication for the symptoms.  We also offer alternative therapies that address many symptoms and may even treat the underlying cause.

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