Are Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up To Date?

Burke Animal Clinic Discusses Keeping Pet Vaccinations Up to Date

When you vaccinate your pet against common animal diseases, you not only protect your individual pet. You also help to reduce the exposure to these diseases for animals that are too young or too sick to receive the vaccines. In addition, vaccination against these diseases helps to save you money on veterinary bills, because many of the treatments to help your pet is sick can be very expensive. Burke Animal Clinic can help you ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are kept up to prevent transmission of disease.

Core Canine Vaccinations

Puppies should begin receiving a series of shots when they reach 8 weeks of age. Core vaccines for canines include those against parvovirus, distemper, and adenovirus-2. Rabies vaccine is another important immunization your pet should receive. These vaccines are available in one-year protection or 3-year protection. Your vet will advise you on which vaccine will be best for your pet’s needs.

Core Feline Vaccinations

Kittens generally begin a series of vaccinations when they are 8 weeks old. Core vaccines for cats include those against calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, and rabies. These immunizations are generally administered in either one-year or three-year forms. Your vet will advise you on the best schedule for your pet. Bordetella vaccine is also needed for cats that are boarded. Other non-core vaccines are available for cats at risk of exposure to other diseases.

Annual Exams Are A Good Opportunity To Update Vaccinations

When your pet is healthy, you may not feel an annual visit to the vet is necessary. The annual exam is the perfect time to update your pet’s vaccinations so they will be ready for whatever the year brings. Your Burke veterinarian can also take this opportunity to check your pet’s weight, discuss any behavioral issues and inform you about the best ways to care for your best buddy.

Make Burke Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian For Pet Vaccinations in Burke, VA

The veterinarians and staff at Burke Animal Clinic are committed to providing compassionate, individualized care for their patients in Burke, VA and other areas of Fairfax County. We offer vaccinations updates, along with a range of other veterinary services that can help pets stay healthy at all stages of life. Call Burke Animal Clinic today at 703-569-9600 for an appointment to learn more about the vaccinations that can safeguard your pet’s health.

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