The Veterinary Care Foundation is a way for people to help families with pets in need of lifesaving veterinary care but find themselves in financial hardship and have difficulty covering the cost of care.  Donations are made through a nonprofit organization and are used by our clinic to help pet owners with the cost of care.  100% of the donations go directly to pet care.  All administrative fees are covered by Burke Animal Clinic.

We use the fund in situations where care is needed for pets in critical condition who’s owners are unable to cover the full cost of care and all financing options have been exhausted.  Our hope is to help owners avoid the agonizing decision of having to euthanize a pet that has a good prognosis with treatment because owners were unable to pay for care.  Funds are distributed at the discretion of the clinic owners and manager.

We affectionately named the fund in memory of a German Shepherd named “Ceasar.”  After he passed away in 2012, his owners made a donation to help other families and their pets in need of lifesaving veterinary care.

You may donate here.