Pets may need examination for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your pet is displaying symptoms that require looking into as the first step toward treatment, or perhaps you simply want to make sure he’s in good shape. Either way, you’ll find the exams you’re looking for here at Burke Animal Clinic. Whether your pet is apparently healthy or obviously sick, any veterinarian on our experienced team can perform the necessary tests and checks to clarify your pet’s current physical state.

Wellness Exams for a Lifetime of Optimal Health

There’s no bad time to schedule a wellness exam for your beloved pet. We typically recommend a series of wellness exams for puppies and kittens, annual exams for adults, and twice-annual exams for geriatric pets. Your veterinarian will perform a number of procedures at such an exam, including:

    • Vital signs collection
    • Inspection of eyes, ears, skin, and coat
    • Blood and urine tests to check for organ problems, metabolic imbalances, and systemic diseases
    • Fecal tests to check for internal parasites
    • Weighing your pet to watch out for obesity
    • Dental wellness evaluation

If your pet seems to be developing any kind of health challenge, these wellness exams will alert us to that challenge early enough to permit effective treatment. If you’ve been concerned or confused about any aspect of your home pet care practices, you can take this opportunity to receive expert guidance from your Burke Animal Hospital veterinarian. If your pet passes the exam with flying colors, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking the right steps to keep him healthy.

Diagnostic Exams for Sick Pets

Sick or injured pets need immediate diagnostic exams so we can determine the right course of treatment. Problems such as fractures, lacerations, or heatstroke may be obvious enough, but other conditions such as vomiting and diarrhea can have any number of possible causes. Since your pet can’t tell us what he’s feeling, we may need to administer a comprehensive examination that takes every aspect of his health. X-rays, ultrasound imaging, vital signs, lab tests, and observations of your pet’s behavior can help us isolate the specific underlying cause of the problem. We can then administer medication, fluids, surgery, or other treatments as needed to get your pet back on the mend.

Does Your Pet Need an Exam? Call Us!

Is your pet overdue for a wellness exam, or are you concerned that something might be wrong with him? Call our Burke Animal Clinic today at (703) 569-9600 to schedule an examination. We’ll find any problems and take action to fix them!