Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe

As warmer weather approaches, pet owners must be vigilant about parasite prevention. These external parasites are not only a nuisance, but they also carry diseases and cause discomfort. In fact, a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates illnesses from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes have more than tripled since 2005. Here are a few tips from Burke Animal Clinic, to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

When Should I Treat My Pet?

The answer to this question varies, depending upon where you live. While both can be found in parts of the U.S. year-round, ticks are most prevalent during spring and summer and fleas are more active during warm weather. For more specifics on your area’s flea-and-tick season, visit the American Kennel Club’s map here.

Common Ticks found in Northern, Virginia

Click to read about common ticks found in Fairfax, VA

Click to read about common ticks found in Northern, VA

Checking for Fleas and/or Ticks

Even with preventative care prescribed by your veterinarian, it’s possible for your pet to pick up these parasites. In conjunction with monthly medication, we suggest you check your pet regularly.

  • Ticks  Inspect your pet carefully, as some ticks are difficult to see in their hair coat.
  • Fleas   If you notice your pet scratching or grooming repetitively, they may have fleas. Use a flea comb to check for fleas and flea dirt. If you notice dark specks in your pet’s fur, place the speck on a white paper towel and dampen it. If it turns red, your pet has fleas.

Treating for Fleas and Ticks

If you find signs of ticks or fleas, follow these tips to get rid of an infestation:

  • Take your pet to the groomer or bathe them at home using a shampoo formulated to kill fleas and ticks.
  • Vacuum your home thoroughly and wash all bedding, blankets, etc.
  • Use a carpet powder or fogger if the problem persists

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Parasite prevention keeps you and your family, both two and four-legged, safe and healthy. For more information, call Burke Animal Clinic at (703) 569-9600 or contact us online today.

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