Flea & Tick Prevention

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks at Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA

Parasite prevention for your pets can be what saves them and your environment from harmful pests.  When fleas and ticks make their home in your pet, it can cause extreme irritation and problems. You can avoid that by learning more about parasite prevention. Here at Burke Animal Clinic we make it a priority to educate on flea and tick prevention to help you and your pet stay stress-free.

Ticks and Fleas

Besides living in the fur of your pet, fleas and ticks can live in your carpets, in bedding, in the cracks of sidewalks, in the grass and in the dirt. Fleas don’t have wings, but they can jump high up in the air. They can live for more than 100 days on the same animal. Ticks, on the other hand, can live up to three years, going from one host to another, and lay thousands of eggs at a time. Both ticks and fleas have the ability to transmit serious diseases. A veterinarian can help you with various types of parasite prevention to protect your pets and your home from invasion.

Preventative Measures

The first steps in parasite prevention require some of your time. It’s important to comb your pet regularly with a flea comb, bathe it and wash its bedding on a weekly basis. Vacuum your carpets often and when you’re finished, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag. Pay attention to where the animal goes outside and don’t let the grass in that area get tall. After these beginning steps to parasite prevention are accomplished, make an appointment with a veterinarian in Burke.

Invest in the best treatment that your veterinarian suggests, but be careful to buy the product that fits the size and age of your pet. In addition, don’t give your dog’s parasite prevention treatment to a different animal in your household, such as a cat. Don’t use these preventative products on animals that are very old or pregnant. Your veterinarian is the best source of advice.

Common Ticks Found in our Area

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