Fun Holiday Activities to Do With Your Pet from Burke Animal Clinic

This season is full of busy activities to do with family, and a ton of things to wrap up the year. Many people do not realize that their pets can partake in some of the festivities with as much joy as children and other family members. At Burke Animal Clinic we want to offer you a few tips for holiday fun with your pet. If you find yourself in need of veterinary care throughout the year visit our animal hospital, we serve Burke and the surrounding areas.

The Holidays Can Be Fun For Your Whole Family, Including Your Pet

  • Your dog will appreciate the extra walk even if he does not fully notice the lights, so take him for a stroll around a neighborhood with a lot of holiday lights. The dog will notice your enthusiasm and have a great time.
  • Presents can be for pets too. Get Your dog a new chew toy, a or a special snack and allow him to open the tape less paper while the rest of the family opens theirs. You may be surprised to discover that they noticed they were left out of the presents in the past and enjoyed the ripping of the paper and discovery of a treat of their own.
  • Take a family-pet photo for Christmas. Commemorate the year with your pet by taking a family photo that includes her. As long as it is fun she will enjoy this part of the holiday traditions.
  • During your holiday baking, bake treats for your pets.  Many recipes that you may be making anyway can be altered to fit your pet. For example, peanut butter cookies for your family can be baked aside of peanut butter cookies for your pet by simply removing the sugar and perhaps adding some shredded carrot or even bacon.

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