How to Greet a Dog

As the weather has turned warmer, more and more dogs are out and about, mingling amongst the general public. It is natural to want to meet and greet these four-legged creatures. But did you know there is proper etiquette for greeting a dog, just as when greeting a fellow human? Dogs have personal bubbles too and can be alarmed when rushed at by anyone, stranger or friend! Below is a good graphic, courtesy of Dr. Sophia Yin, How to Greet a Dog (and what to avoid), on how greeting a dog is quite similar to greeting a person. Try to follow these rules when greeting a dog to avoid any negative interactions!

Once you’ve safely met and greeted the dog, how do you know if he wants you to pet him? Dogs are actually very good at communicating their desires. People, on the other hand, have some difficulty properly interpreting their actions. Below is a link to a 4-minute video on Youtube about just that; does that dog want to be pet? The video is a very general overview but is still a very beneficial resource in learning more about dog behavior. We highly recommend watching it, more than once even!  

Happy greetings!

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