Importance of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping has become an extremely popular and important task that dog and cat owners have done for their animals. If you are interested in having this procedure conducted for your own pet, contact Burke Animal Clinic in Burke to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an initial consultation. Here is some information about microchipping so you understand its importance and how the process is done.

What Microchipping Is All About

Microchipping is the process of having a small implant placed in your pet’s skin. Your contact information is taken and entered into a database with a unique number that belongs to your pet. This information is then uploaded directly to the chip. If your pet becomes lost, the chip can be scanned with a reader by a vet or humane society workers. If your pet is found, you can then be contacted.

How Microchipping Can Save Your Pet

A pet that is known to stray away from home, or one that goes outdoors often, should be chipped in case they happen to become separated from you. Many people bring stray animals to veterinarian’s offices or humane societies if they find them. Your pet could be reunited with you quite quickly if it has a chip in place in this type of situation. A pet that is chipped cannot be taken by another person claiming to be its owner. The chip will take away the uncertainty about whom the pet belongs to.

How The Process Is Conducted By Our Vet

Our veterinarian will first complete an assessment of your pet’s health to ensure it is good enough to have the procedure done. They will then upload your information to the chip. The chip is inserted with a needle into the shoulder blade area on your pet’s body. This is the safest spot as it cannot be accessed by your pet. Your pet will only have minor discomfort at the injection site, however, this will heal quickly.

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