Keep Your Pets Safe In Cold Weather

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to pay attention to your pets and their safety. While your pet has warm fur, this doesn’t mean they are protected from cold, wet or windy weather. At Burke Animal Clinic, we want your pets to stay healthy during the cold winter months, and we recommend some prevention strategies to keep your pets comfortable this winter.

Prevention Is Key To Pet Safety

If the weather dips below freezing, it isn’t really safe for your pets to be out for an extended period of time. Your pet shouldn’t be left out on a run, but let out to go to the bathroom when necessary. If you want to take your pet for a walk, make sure their paws are protected from any ice, salt or other chemicals that may be on the ground. A good layer of vaseline can protect your pet’s paws from ice and snow. Clean your pet’s paws off after returning home to make sure they get warm, clean and dry.

If your pet is small or elderly, consider a dog coat or sweater. Cats should not go outdoors in freezing weather in order for your cats to stay safe. Even if your cat is begging to go out, it is best to keep your cat in when the weather is icy, cold or snowing. Pay attention to the amount of exercise your pets are getting when it’s cold out, and adjust food as necessary to reduce the potential for significant weight gain.

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