New Puppy or Kitten, What Now?

Make the first stop after picking up your new puppy or kitten be at the Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA, for your new pets’ Wellness Exams. Care for a puppy or kitten is much different than for a senior animal, so seek veterinary support at an animal hospital as needed.

New Puppy or Kitten- What Now? 

So, what do you do after picking up your new furry family member? After you have arranged for a wellness exam with your favorite veterinary provider, start taking a look around your home to make sure you have the supplies- and environment- that is conducive to your pet’s health and happiness.


If kittens are less-than a month old, they will need to be weaned and will still require milk when you bring them home. You can try a soft, chewable food with them, three times a day, but don’t be surprised if they still cry for their mom- they aren’t typically fully-weaned until around eight-weeks of age.

You can usually start house training a kitten around one-month old and introduce them to their own soft bed and toys. Try a heating pad or hot water bottle for tiny kittens that are not fully-weaned from their mothers yet, to give them a warm, comfortable place to rest. Get your kitten used to being handled and socialize them from a young age, usually older than two weeks old.


On the other hand, puppies usually get what they need from their mom in terms of feeding, social skills, and developmental needs. If you have an orphaned puppy, younger than a month, you will need to provide milk and maternal attention that they are missing. Your puppy can begin eating food around a month old and make sure to take them to a vet by six weeks. This is a critical age and there are some vaccinations that your puppy will need to stay healthy and grow big.

Got a New Puppy or Kitten? Let Us Help!  

Your Burke veterinarian will be a supportive life-line when something is going on with your new pet. Visit or call Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA at (703) 574-3860 to learn more about taking the best-possible care of your new puppy or kitten, and to help them grow into healthy and happy seniors.

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