Preparing for Your First Pet Friendly Road Trip

Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA Shares Tips on How To Plan a Road Trip With Your Pet

If you’re planning a family vacation and you can’t bear to leave your dog behind, our professionals at Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA say that there are some travel tips you need to know before you head out on your adventure. Most hotels and campsites are accommodating to those persons who have pets who Join them. Most of these businesses have certain criteria that need to be met unless the pet is a service dog or companion pet.

Health and Safety First

If a facility gives the okay for your pet to accompany you and your family, you need to make sure your pet is healthy and will maintain good behavior throughout your visit. Make sure you take your pet to the veterinarian prior to your vacation to ensure they are good health and so that you can secure a certificate which will allow your pet to travel via plane or other forms of public transit. Most establishments also require certificates of good health to ensure the safety of other guests or pets during their stay. Specifically, they want to ensure that your pet has been properly vaccinated and has no behavioral or medical issues that could pose a risk to people or other pets stand in the facility.

Have Your Pets Microchipped

Pet road trips can be fun, but the last thing you need is to have a pet that is stressed out while you are on vacation. One of the things that you need to make sure you have done, if it has not been done already, is microchip your pet. New surroundings can be stressful on pets and if they have the tendency to run they just may do so while you’re on vacation. If your pet has an episode where he or she gets spooked, you want to be able to locate them as soon as possible. A microchip will help you recover your pet should be unthinkable happen.

Just Like Home

You want to make your dog as comfortable as possible while you’re on vacation. Doing so will keep their stress level down, and it will also help you maintain their good behavior. Be sure to pack at least two water bowls to take with you so that your pet has access to water at all times. You will also want to make sure you pack their regular food and snacks. Avoid feeding your pets anything out of the ordinary to avoid stomach upset. Be sure to pack a leash, and if your pet takes any type of medication you also want to have that on hand.

Identify and Contain

Don’t forget to identify your dog by making sure he or she has an ID tag that contains your contact information. Most hotels prefer that you keep your dog in a crate if he is going to be in the room by himself. Collapsible crates a reasonably priced and you should invest in one.

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