Preventative Care For Your Pets

Preventative Care At Burke Animal Clinic Can Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

Pet owners often ask why veterinarians recommend regular wellness visits when their pet doesn’t appear to be sick or doesn’t have a health problem. The answer is that these periodic visits allow the vet to monitor your pet’s health over time, to detect any changes that could signal the early stages of a disease. Early detection is critical to a number of disorders, so these visits can reduce the risk of discomfort to your pet and can slow the progress of diseases.  And, pets age faster than we do.  Think about it. Every year for your pet is like 7 years for you!  Catching problems in an early stage can also save you money on veterinary bills.

Your Pet’s Wellness Vet Exams

Each annual exam or 6-month checkup includes a comprehensive exam that helps identify problems early. The doctor checks your pet’s heart and lungs, teeth and gums, lymph nodes, eyes, ears, skin, organs in the abdomen, and back, neck, hips, and legs for signs of pain or arthritis.  The doctor also spends time talking with owners to get a medical history update and to discuss care and client concerns. This is a good time to raise behavioral issues, which sometimes have a medical cause, or maybe the doctor will have some quick tips.

The doctor also will discuss parasite prevention and updates for vaccinations. When you make your appointment, the receptionist will go over what vaccines your pet is due for and ask you to bring in a fecal sample for testing. This test is a screening for intestinal parasites.  Dogs will also need an annual heartworm test.  For both cats and dogs, a blood test may be recommended to determine how well the heart, kidneys, and liver are functioning. These tests provide important information that can tell your vet if further diagnosis and treatment is necessary to maintain good health.

Make Burke Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian for Preventative Care

The veterinarians and staff at Burke Animal Clinic are committed to providing the best in veterinary care for all their patients in Burke, VA, Fairfax and surrounding areas. We offer a holistic approach with a range of services, including exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental care, sick animal care, laboratory services, pharmacy, acupuncture and other holistic therapies. We can also provide nutritional and behavioral counseling.Call Burke Animal Clinic today at 703-569-9600 for an appointment to evaluate your pet’s health, so our vets can ensure good health throughout your pet’s lifetime.

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