Dr. Elizabeth Johnson provides behavior consultations for pets and their owners.  Behavior issues can be due to a variety of reasons – newly adopted pets may have a hard time adjusting to a new home or an environment they’ve not been in before, some pets suffer from separation anxiety, while others have issues with resource guarding, becoming possessive of a space, objects or even other people.  Some pets just need basic obedience.  Health issues also may be the cause of sudden behavior changes.  Dr. Johnson has a medical background along with behavioral experience that will help her identify problems and work with you on a plan to address those problems.  Please call us for an appointment with Dr. Johnson.   Prior to your appointment, please fill out a Behavior Consultation Form and email or fax it to us at 703-569-6858.  Bring a hungry pet to your appointment along with lots of treats!

Here are some basic tips to get you started on a happy, healthy relationship with your pet:

  • Set rules immediately and stick to them.
  • Avoid situations that promote inappropriate behavior.
  • Observe your pet and provide what is needed to be cared for and attended to.
  • Supervise your new pet diligently through undivided individual attention and training, and restrict your pet’s access to a limited area of the house until training is complete.
  • Encourage good behavior with praise and attention.
  • Correct bad behaviors by providing positive alternatives.  For instance, a toy for a slipper, a scratching post for the sofa.
  • Never physically punish or force compliance to commands.  This may lead to fear biting or aggression.
  • Don’t play rough or encourage aggression or play biting.
  • Expose pets to people, animals, and environments where you want them to live.
  • See your veterinarian if serious or unresolved behavior problems exist.  Your vet can help address behaviors as well as check for underlying health problems that may be affecting behavior.

Forms you will need:

Behavior Consultation Form

Call us today to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson today, (703)-569-9600.