Thank you to all of our clients who’ve taken the time to send us their comments or post them on various social media sites.  We are grateful that you’ve trusted us with caring for your pets and appreciate the time you took to write down your experiences.  We always appreciate and are open to all feedback.

Here is what our clients are saying about us:

“Everyone is so kind & compassionate at Burke!! I am so grateful. I have recommended two of my other friends to Burke.”


“Dr. Colvin is incredibly patient and is a great communicator. I’ve always appreciated him during our ‘well-baby’ visits, but I am incredibly grateful for his ability to handle both my pets and me when they aren’t ‘well babies’ anymore.”

-L. Sue

“I’m so thankful I found Burke Animal Clinic when I moved to the area. The staff is incredibly friendly and thorough. Catherine is great with follow-up and follow-through. Appreciate all of you!”


“Outstanding visit with Dr. Colvin and his team. Had a lot of concerns about the visit but everything was done with my cat to make it go well. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Colvin and Burke Animal Clinic. Staff on phone and at desk: ALWAYS very compassionate and responsive.”

-Vivian S

“Very friendly and accommodating. We love going to this clinic even if it’s really far from us. They’re all good and nice and will treat your pet like their own.”


“We always feel welcomed and valued when we come in. Dr. Herrity is wonderful and takes so much time with us and Legend. He knows Legend has anxiety and he knows just how to handle him to make him as comfortable and possible. The vet techs are always friendly and the front desk staff is a joy.”


“The doctors and staff here are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Over the years they have taken wonderful care of our cats and dogs.”

“Very knowledgeable veterinarians offering great advice to keep my dog healthy!”


“We love Dr. Colvin. He takes his time explaining things and seems always up to date with the most recent research and recommendations.”


We started going to Burke Animal Clinic when our vet of 30+ years thought it was funny that our 6-year-old rescue German Shepherd had torn his AC, and we’d have to spend $2300 for surgery. Not to mention the many weeks of post-surgery pain, crating and rehab for our poor limping dog. When I asked if there were any alternatives to surgery I was promptly told “no.”

I started researching this issue myself and found out there are alternatives to surgery and, in fact, I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Herrity at the Burke Animal Clinic. Dr. Herrity uses various new technologies to assist in the healing process of certain injuries. Dr. Herrity has gone the extra thousand miles in companion pet care. He is constantly educating himself on healthier and more efficient ways to help heal our pets and keep them healthy.

But the great news doesn’t stop there! All the doctors, vet techs and staff at Burke Animal Clinic are exceptional. The atmosphere in the lobby is calm and friendly. Our dogs actually enjoy going to the vet!

Needless to say, Harry, our German Shepherd, avoided surgery as he received treatments on a regular basis from Dr. Herrity. We followed his instructions for home care carefully and at the one year mark Harry was running and playing around like a puppy. During the process of treatments, Harry learned to trust his doctor not fear him.

We stopped going to our long-term vet now and are now clients at Burke Animal Clinic where our 2 German Shepherds are happy to visit their favorite doctor!


We have three dogs and have lived all over the country; needless to say, we’ve experienced A LOT of different vet clinics. Hands down Burke Animal Clinic is at the top. The doctors and staff are professional yet very compassionate. They understand your love for your pet and treat your pet as a valuable family member. I would drive 100 miles to have my dogs see Dr. Herrity. We value his expertise and appreciate his honesty. From the moment you walk into the clinic ’til the time you leave, you will be taken care of and feel like a valuable client.
– Anonymous

I have needed both routine and emergency care, and have received uniformly excellent care and follow up. The vets always provide thorough information about causes and cures, offering thorough advice regarding costs, risks, and likely outcomes. With 20-years of experience with this practice, I have total confidence in the quality of care and value it offers.
– Anonymous

How do you write a review for a vet who has seen you through 10 years and 2 generations of dogs? Dr. Colvin is amazing. He is knowledgeable and extremely caring. He is happy to discuss things I’ve read or heard about my dog’s condition. Dr. Colvin was able to diagnose my son’s dog’s rare illness when the specialist couldn’t. He rescued him from death’s door and gave us another 5 good years. He is also great about helping you weigh the options and possible outcomes vs. cost.

Dr. Herrity was great with finding options to keep our very geriatric dogs much more comfortable in their last years. He is a warmhearted person who really cares about his patients and their owners. The staff was always warm and friendly and ready to help in any way we needed. We recently moved to another state and I’m really missing everyone at Burke Animal Clinic!

– Sharon

We have been clients of Burke Animal Clinic for nearly 4 years. Our oldest lab had torn his ACL and Dr. Herrity provided two basic alternatives: 1) surgery and 2) laser therapy. We decided to go with the laser therapy for several reasons: 1) it does not require sedation, 2) results thus far on other dogs has proven successful for a full recovery, 3) it addresses the problem (tightness in the vertebrae that leads to tightness in the quad and ultimately leads to tearing the ACL), and 4) slightly cheaper than surgery.

Our lab has been doing wonderful on this treatment and we are thankful having another alternative to surgery. Burke Animal Clinic will perform surgeries as well if the animal needs it.

– Lara

Unfortunately, our first experience with them (Burke Animal Clinic) was to help our 16-year old pointer move on to a better place. We were obviously distraught and did not have a local vet. Our situation became immediate very quickly They were able to get us in right away. It was a terrible day in our lives but the staff there was wonderful. I could not have asked for a better experience given the situation.

Thank you to your staff for all your kindness and compassion. I can absolutely ensure you we will always take our animals here.

– Jason

I’ve been taking my two cats here since 2003. I like the small, hometown atmosphere and the friendliness and professionalism of the vets. I come here instead of a vet in Chantilly, because the prices here are much more reasonable. I feel like a true client here, instead of just a random customer.
– Ken

I went to another animal clinic for a couple of years but we are back now! We brought our 8 1/2 year old golden retriever in for his check-up and shots. We didn’t have to wait long to be seen which was wonderful because Truman gets a bit excited and can’t relax. From the font desk, to the tech and doc everyone was so helpful and pleasant. Many thanks!!
– Laurie

I live in Vienna, VA and have been going to Burke Animal Clinic for the last 5 years. It’s a little out of the way for me but I love the doctors and staff. My pets have always gotten wonderful care there. I am always able to get in to see the vet if my pet is sick and the vets are always available to answer questions. The first time I went there was with my dog Casey after my previous vet was unable to diagnose what was wrong with him. Dr. Herrity saw him on the day before Thanksgiving, just before closing time, on short notice. He did an ultrasound and was able to diagnose that he had a tumor. It was a sad day for us, but I’m grateful for his compassion and care. I have been a client ever since. The vet assistants and front desk staff are friendly and caring and know me and my pet. They are always helpful in working with me and my crazy schedule to get in to see the vet when needed. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
– Todd

Burke Animal Clinic is more than worth the drive for me. I highly recommend you consider them if you are looking for great care for your pets. They are an extremely knowledgeable group of vets that go the extra mile. They have called me personally after I have taken in a sick cat, to see how the cat is doing and answer any questions. If they get my answering machine, many times they will attempt a to reach me again in person. I am talking about the vet calling me not a tech or office staff! Amazing follow-up!!!
Many of my cats have been older cats or cats with special needs such as diabetes and kidney issues. I have noticed that the vets there seem to know the latest and greatest treatment options for my cats. What more can one ask for when dealing with one’s beloved pets.

– Kathy

We’ve been using the doctors at Burke Animal Clinic for years. I can’t count how many pets we’ve taken there. We have no preference for doctors as we like them all. When we had emergency situations, they saw to our pets immediately. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
– Cindy

I’ve been bringing my dogs to Burke Animal Clinic for the last 15 years and have had consistently good experiences. The vets and vet techs are great with my dogs and make them feel at ease even for procedures that I know they don’t like. The supporting staff are friendly and are quick to assist with appointments, answering questions, etc. They have great hours and are even open on Sundays which can be really helpful when things happen over the weekend (which happens a lot). They keep up with the latest procedures and treatments and offer a wide range of services that helps avoid having to go to another practice for some specialty things. I will continue to bring my dogs to this clinic as I feel confident in the high level of service that they provide in an atmosphere that is relaxed and comfortable.
– Carol

I love Burke Animal Clinic and actually wrote a review a few months ago; hoping yelp will actually post this one! We lived in VA for 2 years and I took my Cavalier Spaniel there. I ended up having an emergency with him one day and called them; took him immediately and had to leave him there for the day as I had a medical procedure to attend. They took good care of him; explained what was going on and followed up several times after to make sure he was ok. Love the staff, especially Sarah; they are always pleasant and helpful. Also, one time there was a misunderstanding about price and I talked to the office director and she was very accommodating and we worked out a deal. I found them all to be very professional but also personable and will miss taking Nemo to them!
– Leslie

“I appreciate how easy it is to get a same day appointment. Wait times once we arrived & for getting our meds was very short. Dr. Cohen was great & identified what my dog’s issue was immediately & explained proper care/treatment for her very thoroughly.”
– Stephanie

I defy the most discerning critic to say a negative word about Dr. Colvin. I rarely complicate a fiercely bold statement with maudlin sincerity, but in this case it is comme il faut: I honestly believe Dr. Colvin is the most empathetic and talented person I have a professional relationship with. Switching to bullets so I can exact my point without further emoting:

  • Dr. Colvin, the Vet Tech’s and office staff at The Burke Animal Clinic are both concerned with animal healthcare and pet owner’s emotional welfare.
  • Upon arrival, I am greeted warmly and my pet is called by name. That means a lot to me; they care enough to record my cat’s name, not just the person paying.
  • I’ve had to reschedule every other appointment I’ve ever made due to the fact that when my Wonder-Cat hears the cage being prepared she goes on the lamb. The office staff understands that is the cat’s nature and happily accommodates me.
  • When my Wonder-Cat is due for a shot or check-up I receive a reminder email.
  • They emotionally bond with their (human and animal) clients; their humanity is priceless yet their prices are reasonable.
  • Dr. Colvin treats me as kindly as my friends do. He is happy to see me and my Wonder-Cat; he is engaging, honest, never rushes me off the phone or out of his exam room.
  • His every comment, gesture and even the inflection of his voice is gentle-natured.
  • Dr. Colvin is clearly an animal lover because he talks as sweetly to my Wonder-Cat as I do.
  • His veterinary expertise has improved my cat’s overall health. The Wonder-Cat has had some health challenges and Dr. Colvin explained every avenue to remedy her condition. He provides information that I wouldn’t know to ask. He takes the time to tell me about the 10% chance of a negative side effect a medication may have long term and does so without worrying me.
  • I volley dozens of (sometimes inane) questions at him and he answers each one without a modicum of frustration; he allows me to believe I am the first to ask him a silly question.
  • When there is bad news he delivers it with respect and decorum and then invites discussion.
  • He won’t allow animals to suffer; he kept my Mom’s elderly cats as comfortable as he could and then spoke up when he felt they no longer had the quality of life. He euthanized my Mother’s cats with reverence for both the animals and my Mother. He kindly told us what to expect and asked us how we were comfortable proceeding. He left my Mom alone with her cat for as long as she needed before and after.
  • He ALWAYS calls with test results when he says he will. And he returns every call you place to him. (I wish he could be my primary physician.)”