Top Things All Cat Owners Should Know

Being a cat owner is a rewarding experience. To keep your cat or kitten in the best of health, it is necessary to bring your pet to Burke Animal Clinic for Wellness Exams conducted by our veterinarian. Here are some points that all cat owners should know about keeping their pet healthy and how our animal hospital can help with veterinary care needs.

Keep Tabs On Your Cat’s Behavior For Changes

It is important to pay attention to signals that indicate your cat or kitten is in need of medical care. Knowing your pet’s routine can help you pinpoint times when they are not following a schedule as normal. Any changes to a routine could be an indication that your pet is ill or injured. Watch for symptoms of a problem and call our vet if you are unsure about your cat’s health.

Protect Your Pet From Household Hazards

Your pet could easily become hurt inside or around your home if you do not take the time to eliminate hazards. Remove any chemical agents from areas that your cat frequents. Check that there are no sharp items or items with protrusions that could cause cat distress if they come into contact with it. It is wise to get down at cat level to see what items your pet sees. This will help you to locate potential hazards so that they can be removed.

Get Routine Veterinary Care For Your Cat

It is best to bring your cat to our practice for veterinary care according to our vet’s recommendations. Our veterinarian can provide your pet with immunizations, spaying or neutering, parasite prevention, microchipping, Wellness Exams, and emergency care. Our practice offers convenient hours to those who need our assistance. We are also available to answer questions about your pet’s symptoms by phone if needed.

Contact Our Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA!

If you require a wellness examination for your cat or kitten, contact Burke Animal Clinic to make an appointment with our veterinarian for care. Reach out to our facility today at (703) 574-3860 for further information about our practice.

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