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Our progressive therapies are complementary to traditional medicine, providing us more resources to help keep your pet healthy and to treat chronic conditions and provide drug-free alternatives to pain management.  With this approach, we can help your pet maintain good health throughout his or her life.

Our mission is to use all resources available to us to keep pets healthy, heal pets when they become sick, and improve the quality of life of all pets. Our compassionate and dedicated healthcare team is committed to providing very personal attention, working with you to understand and address the health needs of your pets.

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Providing a Range of Options for Care

As your pet's veterinarian in Burke, we provide comprehensive care. Some of the most important services we provide for pets in the area include:

  • Preventative care. Preventive care is a cornerstone of good health. We recommend an annual wellness visit to include: physical examination performed by a veterinarian; fecal exams for parasites; canine heartworm tests; all needed vaccinations and periodic blood and urine tests. We also recommend staying on heartworm and flea/tick preventative 12 months per year.
  • Urgent and Emergency Care. Anytime you are concerned that your pet is not acting normally, please give us a call.  Our staff can help you determine if your pet needs to be seen and whether or not they need to come in right away or go to an emergency facility.   Never feel embarrassed that you are overreacting.  Sometimes even a small thing may be an indication of a larger problem.   And, if it is just a small thing, won't you be relieved when you find out that's all it is!
  • Chronic Conditions. From arthritis to diabetes, we’ll help you manage your pet’s chronic conditions and keep you pet as healthy as possible.

Holistic Medicine

  • Acupuncture is simple and most pets not only tolerate it well, but quickly learn to enjoy the interaction and experience. There are many different uses for Acupuncture, so if you are looking for an alternative therapy to keep your pet healthy, get more information from your pets' veterinarian today.
  • Integrative Medicine to promote the health and welfare of your pet. We can provide alternatives to traditionally processed medications, alternatives for pain, vomiting, inflammation, allergies, and most other conditions. We pride ourselves in treating your pet in wholeness.
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