When pets are sick, they can’t say where it hurts or how bad they feel, as humans can. Vets must use their extensive training in veterinary diseases and diagnostic testing to determine where the problem may lie. At Burke Animal Clinic, we provide on-site laboratory services, so the vet can diagnose your pet’s illness more accurately and start treatment more quickly.

Benefits of On-Site Laboratory Services For Patients and Owners

The convenience of on-site laboratory services helps veterinary patients benefit patients in a number of ways. Veterinary professionals can receive results quickly and accurately, so they can begin effective treatment immediately. This measure means animals can be relieved of discomfort faster and experience less stress. As a result, animals enjoy better outcomes, and veterinarians can deal with fewer complications. On-site laboratory services also benefit pet owners, too, because they can be relieved of worry and can start treatment to help their beloved animal companions more quickly.

Diagnostic Tests We Can Provide

On-site laboratory test results can provide important information about what’s going on inside an animal’s body. Urine tests can determine if an infection is present, if blood glucose levels are high or if crystals are present. They can also tell if the kidneys are functioning normally. Blood tests measure a variety of chemicals and enzymes that indicate how well specific organs in the body are functioning. These tests can tell how much oxygen is being carried through the body to detect heart and lung problems. They can measure chemicals processed by the liver. They can tell if kidneys are functioning properly. Even the shapes of the blood cells can give information about body processes. Some tests can show the presence of parasites in the body or can indicate abnormal cell development. Together, these tests provide a comprehensive view of how your pet’s body is functioning. Your vet will then compare this data to known normal ranges and make a determination about your pet’s state of health.

Contact Burke Animal Clinic For On-Site Laboratory Services

The veterinarians and staff at Burke Animal Clinic know your pet is a part of your family, and we work hard to ensure our patients receive quality care at all stages of life. We can provide a full range of veterinary services, including alternative methods for your pet’s needs. Call Burke Animal Clinic at (703) 569-9600 for an appointment to learn about on-site laboratory testing that can help keep your pet healthy.