Just like people, pets have changing needs as they age.  Our doctors and staff will work with you to identify your pet’s needs at every age.  For general wellness, we recommend an annual exam, annual intestinal parasite testing, updated vaccinations, monthly flea/tick prevention, and monthly heartworm prevention and annual heartworm testing for dogs.  Pets also need to have their teeth brushed regularly and may require dental cleanings.  Please see our PAWS Program for wellness recommendations for pets over seven years of age.

  • Each annual exam or 6-month check up includes a comprehensive exam that helps identify problems early. The doctor checks heart and lungs, teeth and gums, lymph nodes, eyes, ears, skin, organs in the abdomen, and back, neck, hips and legs for signs of pain or arthritis.  The doctor also spends time talking with owners to get a medical history update and to discuss care and client concerns. This is a good time to raise behavioral issues, which sometimes have a medical cause, or maybe the doctor will have some quick tips.
  • Updated vaccinations help keep pets safe from infectious diseases. Our recommended core vaccines for dogs and cats are rabies and distemper. Other vaccinations are given on request based on a pet’s individual needs. You may also consider a distemper titer to determine if your pet has sufficient immunity against distemper, eliminating the need for vaccination.
  • Some intestinal parasites can be transmitted to people. Annual fecal testing will help keep you and your pet safe.
  • Monthly application of flea/tick preventative will help keep your pet safe from diseases transmitted by fleas and ticks. Learn more about diseases transmitted by ticks and fleas.
  • Annual heartworm testing ensures your dog is safe from heartworms, which are transmitted by mosquitoes. If your pet has been on regular, monthly heartworm preventative, annual testing ensures that it has been absorbed properly. Many things can affect absorption, making the preventative ineffective. If your dog has been off of monthly heartworm preventative for 6 months or more, you will need to have him or her tested before beginning monthly heartworm prevention. Heartworm preventative given to a dog with heartworms can be fatal. Learn more about Heartworm
  • Dental disease can lead to more serious problems of heart, lung, and kidney disease.  Proper dental care keeps your pet healthy and their breath fresh!    Dogs and cats don’t have to have bad breath!

We look forward to working with you to keep your pet happy and healthy!