Pet eye infections require intervention to ensure they heal in their entirety. If you have a cat or dog that you believe has an eye infection, contact Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA, to meet with our veterinarian for an evaluation of the situation. Here is some information about Pet eye infections in cats and dogs including how our veterinarian will help if your pet is suffering from one themselves.

Reasons Why Pets Get Eye Infections

A dog or cat can contract an eye infection from one of many reasons. If they had suffered from a personal injury where an eye had become scratched in the process and infection can settle into the eye if it is not treated in a timely manner. Some pets will have eye infections as symptoms of an allergic reaction to the environment or other triggers. If your pet happens to get dust or debris into an eye, an infection could arise. An eye infection can spread from one eye to the other rather easily. For this reason, it is best to have your pet checked over by our veterinarian so that treatment can be administered to keep this from happening.

How to Recognize an Eye Infection

There are a few signs that indicate your pet may be suffering from an eye infection. In many cases, a pet will have visible symptoms. Your pet’s eye may appear cloudy or crusty as a discharge is usually present in this type of situation. They may attempt to scratch at their eye or rub their head against objects to try to get pain and discomfort to subside. You may notice that your pet is having difficulty getting around as their equilibrium may be altered from not being able to see properly. They may look dizzy or avoid activities where they need to walk when an eye infection is present.

How Our Veterinarian Will Treat an Eye Infection

When you bring your pet to our office to treat an eye infection, our practitioner will first conduct a full examination of your pet to determine whether the problem you are noticing is indeed an infection condition. If so, our veterinarian will prescribe medication for your pet to clear the infection completely. You may need to give your dog or cat this medication after it appears that symptoms have subsided to ensure the condition is eradicated so it cannot be spread.

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