When a cat or dog feels under the weather, the need for veterinary care may become necessary. Contact Burke Animal Clinic in Burke to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians when emergency pet care or urgent care is needed to remedy your pet effectively. Here is some information about pet illness to read over so you understand the importance of retaining veterinary help when ailments strike.

The Symptoms of a Pet Illness

There are many symptoms that signify your pet is not feeling well. Just as with humans, cats and dogs will display signs that indicate they need treatment to feel better. Your pet may have a cough, sniffles, stuffy nose, or discharge from the eyes if they are suffering from a common cold. In many instances colds will go away on their own, however, it is best to see our vet to rule out other problems that have similar symptoms in case a more pressing issue is at hand. Your pet may suffer from digestive troubles when they are not feeling well. This could include vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea. Lethargy, weakness, and dizziness are other symptoms pets suffer from when they are feeling ill.

How to Help Your Pet When Illness Is Present

If your pet is not feeling well, the first step you need to do is assess their condition so you are aware of all the symptoms they are experiencing. This way you can monitor their condition to see if there is an improvement or worsening of symptoms, helping you to decide when to bring your pet to our emergency pet care facility for treatment. Provide your dog or cat with a quiet area to rest and keep on top of their food and water intake so you are aware of whether they are getting enough nutrition and hydration.

How Our Veterinarians Can Help Your Pet

It is best to give our practice a call if you believe your pet is suffering from a medical ailment. Our veterinarians will answer any questions you have over the phone, or they may ask you to bring your pet to our practice for an assessment of their condition. A complete evaluation of your pet’s health will then be conducted to determine what type of treatment would be beneficial for your pet to heal appropriately. In some instances, medication may be necessary for this to happen effectively.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Contact Burke Animal Clinic if your pet requires urgent care to obtain treatment for an illness. Our veterinarians are ready to assist you with prompt service and appropriate treatment to get your pet feeling well again. Call us at (703) 574-3860 for more information or to make an appointment.