Hill’s Pet Nutrition Update Summer/Fall 2021

Summer/Fall 2021

Advisory regarding Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s reformulation of their prescription i/d Digestive Care foods.

Guidance on transitioning a pet to a different diet is provided below.  


Dear Clients:

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. has announced an “upgrade” to their i/d Digestive Care line of prescription canine foods. They are adding their own proprietary blend of prebiotics known as ActivBiome+, which Hill’s says is shown to “…rapidly activate the gut microbiome to support digestive health…”.

The reason this reformulation information is important is that many veterinarians, including ours, often recommend Hill’s i/d prescription foods for pets who experience either acute or chronic gastrointestinal symptoms. It is a widely used prescription pet food.

Hill’s has indicated that some of these reformulated prescription foods are being shipped now and the rest should be available over the next 30 to 60-plus days. New labeling on the package will alert customers to the addition of this ingredient. Additionally, Hills says the color of the kibble will be slightly darker.

This upgrade or reformulation includes the following prescription i/d canine products (feline i/d is not affected):

i/d Dry food, i/d Dry Small Bites, i/d Loaf, i/d Stew, i/d Stress Dry, i/d Low Fat Dry, and i/d Low Fat Stew. Prescription i/d Sensitive Dry food will be discontinued.

Hills has stated the following: “Most pets should not require a gradual transition to the new recipes of these products because there is not a significant change in nutrient profile or main ingredients. However, if an owner knows that their pet is particularly sensitive to a food change, they should transition to the new formula gradually over 7-10 days.”

Additionally, if your pet is fed one of the indicated i/d products exclusively due to chronic gastrointestinal concerns or other problems, then please consider a gradual transition to the new formula as well.

As we have communicated in the past, our veterinarians recommend that any time you change a pet’s diet, whether it is to a new food or a reformulation of the same brand, it should be done slowly over a 7 to 10-day period as follows: *

  1. Days l-3, feed your pet 75% of the old diet; 25% of the new or reformulated diet.


  1. Days 4-6, feed 50% of the old diet; 50% of the new or reformulated diet.


  1. Days 7-9, feed 25% of the old diet; 75% of the new or reformulated diet.


Thereafter, transition to 100% of the new diet if your pet is doing well.

If your pet experiences gastrointestinal upset, such as vomiting or diarrhea, or any other abnormalities when changing to a new diet or reformulated food, please stop the new diet and call the clinic at 703-569-9600 for a doctor’s advice. Feel free to call with any questions about the Hill’s changes.

Thank you,

Burke Animal Clinic Veterinarians

*An exception to the slow transition would be if a veterinarian recommends that no transition is necessary for your pet or has recommended the soft bland diet (plain chicken and rice), which should begin without any transition period unless directed otherwise.


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