If you are a pet owner, and your cat or dog is in their senior years, knowing how to care for them appropriately is important so that they remain as healthy as possible. Here is some information regarding care for an aging pet and how veterinary care can help during this time of their lives.

Be Aware Of Your Pet’s Movements

During the older years, your pet may slow down as their body is not as limber as it was in the past. They may be dealing with conditions like arthritis as well, which can make it uncomfortable to move around. Allow your pet the extra time necessary to get where they need to go. Do not try to hurry your dog while outdoors to go to the bathroom and refrain from encouraging your cat to jump to areas with excessive height. Watch your pet’s actions to see if you notice any signs of pain. If so, contact our veterinarian for a wellness examination right away.

Keep On Top Of Dietary Needs

Your pet’s nutritional needs will change when they become older. Our veterinarian will provide you with a list of the vitamins and nutrients required to keep the body in the best of shape during the older years. This way you can purchase appropriate food items to protect your pet against potential medical problems. Our veterinarian can also assist with locating particular food choices if desired. At the very least, opt for food that is labeled senior care so your older pet gets the benefit of nutrients needed during this life stage.

Make Frequent Veterinary Appointments

When a pet ages, the need for medical care is likely to arise as the body suffers from ailments. Many pets mask their feelings and will suffer through an illness or injury without their owners even being aware of them. Because of this, it is best to have an elderly pet checked out by our veterinarian on a frequent basis.

Many pet owners will increase their pet’s routine examinations from one to two a year during their geriatric years. This way, our veterinarian will pinpoint problems quickly, allowing for treatment to be administered in time to possibly stop further symptoms or a worsening of the condition from arising.

Make an Appointment today!

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